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maize gene review

This website is migrating to a WIKI format maintained by MaizeGDB. When all articles are migrated, it will automatically be set to forward to that site, which anyone may currently access and add content once they register at the site:

Maize Gene Review

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The goal is to provide an online extension of the summaries provided in the Mutants of Maize, 1997, by M. Gerald Neuffer, Edward H. Coe and Susan R. Wessler and where many Cooperators provided short descriptions and images. These short descriptions were imported into MaizeGDB as a comment, attributed to the contributor. For example, see comment for kn1 attributed to Hake.

Using Neuffer's pro-active strategy, we are inviting persons of interest to contribute. However, if you are expert on any mutants, you are encouraged to contact us, using the link at the top of this page.

Contents should include, with reference citations:

  • a short summary of the mutant with reference citations
  • an unpublished image with a caption
  • the reference(s) that first reports or defines this locus
  • key alleles, with phenotypes, information about viability or special conditions
  • regulation of/by other genes or genetic elements
  • expression--tissue/conditions/inhibitors/inducers
  • gene product, function, pathways (GO terms welcome if so inclined)
  • map location, how mapped
  • any other information you think important, e.g. paralogous loci.